Grant Bennett

Managing Director

Grant Bennett is an internationally respected leader with more than 20 years’ experience in the commercial, finance and medtech industries.

Joining Brandwood Biomedical in 2013, and a founding member of Brandwood CKC in 2019, Grant is responsible for running all facets of the Australian business and has specialist expertise is in business commercialisation through mergers, acquisitions, and company restructures to optimise business performance at both a financial and operational level, Grant also plays an integral role in the business’ strategic growth and development.

Grant has extensive knowledge in regulatory affairs gained through medical devices industry roles across the Asia Pacific. His prior experience includes roles as Regional Regulatory Affairs Manager Asia Pacific and Australia/New Zealand Quality Assurance Manager with a US-headquartered, multinational supplier of professional Medical Devices.

Grant is an avid industry supporter, chairing both the Regulatory Affairs Advisory Panel and AusMedtech Advisory Council for the Australian industry peak body AusMedtech. Grant is also an active participant in the Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP), supporting regulatory guidance development in pre-market assessments, labelling and UDI implementation.

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