Reimbursement – Strategy, Advice and Submissions

Reimbursement for medical devices is complex.  Health budgets are constrained and health financing systems can be political and sometimes perverse.  It is essential to understand both the environment from a political and strategic level, but also have the expertise to complete applications and submissions.

Even simple reimbursement applications can have pitfalls and require a level of knowledge, skill and experience that most organisations will not have available.

Need assistance with your Global Medical Device and IVD Regulatory Services?

We can help you with developing your evaluation strategy, dealing with test laboratories and preparation of expert reports.  Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help. You can drop us an email [email protected] or call 1 888-271-5063 (US toll free) ♦ 400-842 7017 (Beijing – toll free) ♦ +61 2 9906 2984 (Sydney)

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