Distribution Services

A reliable, trustworthy and accountable distribution partnership is essential to the commercially successful launch of products and brands in a new market and to the maintenance of market opportunity.

Our customers rely on our regulatory, quality and compliance services to create a stable platform for market entry and maintenance. Our Distribution Service package builds on that, using our deep knowledge of the local environment and distribution landscape to bring you a focused view of the local operators, their profiles and skill set.

Brandwood CKC offers a suite of services tailored to the needs of the manufacturer and focusing on the essential considerations of strategic direction and cultural fit. Our insight and impartial position create a unique opportunity: we act on behalf of our customers who retain their anonymity, while we interview and filter potential distributors. We believe this risk-limiting approach improves launch impact once a distribution agreement has been signed.

Due diligence reduces uncertainty. But it is essential to maintain relationship expectations and commitments after a contract is executed. Our services continue beyond the initial agreement to ensure your distribution relationships in top shape. We provide mini audits of your chosen partner to ensure their regulatory compliance, support both you and your partner in postmarket compliance including areas such as advertising and provide periodic checks that regulatory and commercial obligations are met.

At a Glance:

  • Confidential and impartial distributor search/screening/selection

  • Distributor regulatory contracts and compliance

  • Vendor audits for regulatory and commercial compliance

  • Advertising and claims compliance

  • Regulator communications and support to field actions or recalls

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