Authorised Representation and Sponsorship

In most jurisdictions, regulatory agencies insist on product licences being held by a legal entity domiciled within the market – typically a registered company. The local entity is usually known as a Market Authorisation Holder, Authorised Representative or Sponsor. It takes responsibility for the product in the market, files regulatory submissions and conducts communications with the regulator on behalf of the manufacturer.

Brandwood CKC offers authorised representative services in multiple markets. This is more than an administrative solution – we take care of the entire regulatory process and provide complete professional management of ongoing compliance so that you can focus on building your business.

Selecting the right representative/licence holder is critical to the orderly continuation of supply. With their focus on sales and marketing, many distributors simply do not have the regulatory skills or the capacity to manage product compliance. Where a distribution contract is terminated, the original distributor can potentially disrupt the continuity of supply and delay the transfer of sponsorship to the new entity. This could even force the supplier to obtain completely new regulatory approval– a process that would mean substantial interruption to business.

We can work with you to manage and support your distributor locally and ensure compliance across the supply chain. See our Distributor Search and Management services here.

As a specialist market representative, Brandwood CKC takes responsibility for regulatory compliance and provides the interface with regulatory authorities. Our professional management of regulatory compliance ensures your peace of mind and allows distribution arrangements to be independently structured for maximum commercial benefit.

At A Glance:

  • Licence holding

  • Regulatory communications

  • Distributor regulatory support

  • Multiple markets

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