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After a recent adventure of traveling across the Australian Simpson Desert with my family, it became very obvious how Medical Technology has evolved to include the ability to support remote locations around the world and more specifically, support interaction with Healthcare Practitioners throughout some of the most remote areas of Australia. After covering the desert and seeing first-hand the isolation, we understood the importance of having access to communications and most importantly medical assistance.

After the desert, we headed to Alice Springs and was able to visit the Royal Flying Doctors Service. The Royal Flying Doctors Service (RFDS), which has been providing emergency medical and primary health care services into remote Australia since 1928 showed how the development of technology has been evolving to allow not only fly-in-fly-out GPs and Clinics, and patient transfers (to name but a few), but now remote consultations for patients. The museum had on exhibition some of the earliest Medical Products that have since been replaced by much smaller, and more reliable products.

Since the time of Neil Armstrong first landing on the moon 50 years ago this month, to being able to provide life saving healthcare to some of the most remote places on earth via video, innovation is moving fast. It has never been more evident than on this trip that we all need access to safe and effective medical products. Never more than when your GP/Clinic waiting room is 7.69 million square kilometres in size.

Finding the balance between patient safety, and accessing critical medical services is a challenging position for governments around the world. It can be said that some manage this risk/reward equation a little better than others, which after being in the industry for nearly 15 years, is very evident. But we must ensure that industry works to develop compliant, reliable equipment with strong research and testing, which will allow a closer more transparent partnership with regulators. Once we bridge this gap, availability of such products will become faster and more reliable than ever.

If you would like to have a discussion around compliance with your medical product, gain a better understanding as to what government is doing to better regulation in Australia, or you’d just like to talk about my Central Australian adventure, be sure to reach out to me directly.

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