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Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Device Sales and Reimbursement in Australia

Our reimbursement adviser, Sarah Griffin talks about the impact COVID-19 has had on Sales and Reimbursement in the Australian Medical Device industry. Australia has been very fortunate in that it...

Behind the private health insurance ‘death spiral’

The Grattan Institute report ‘The history and purposes of private insurance’ [1] by Stephen Duckett and Kristina Nemet made headlines in Australia last month, particularly the somewhat lurid language describing...

Labor’s Cancer Care Policy and the Australian Constitution

The Australian Constitution and Labor’s Cancer Care Policy. As we ever so slowly move towards the Australian Federal Election, both major parties are presenting their health policies. Labor has promised...

Cardiac Ablation Catheters included on the March 2019 Prostheses List

The Prostheses List is a list of implantable medical devices for which Australian private health insurers must pay a specific benefit over and above any payment for the associated hospital...

Ongoing Reform of Private Health Insurance – what it means for Medical Devices

Private Health Insurance (PHI) in Australia has been under the microscope for several years. With nearly half of all Australians choosing to purchase PHI, and a level of government subsidy...
Australia Removes Two-Year Clinical Evidence Rule for Reimbursement Brandwood Biomedical Global Medical Device and IVD Regulatory Services

Australia Removes Two-Year Clinical Evidence Rule for Reimbursement

Australian sponsors of implantable medical devices have at times been frustrated by a requirement of two years of clinical evidence for ‘high-risk’ devices. This rule has typically been applied to...


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